Beauty Videoconference with BIOTHERM Tuesday 18/03

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What’s your plan on Tuesday 18th March at 12h (GMT) ? And what if we talked beauty, things and tips to feel better in our lives, to be on top of the world everyday ?

BIOTHERM – for who I have the great honor to work as Wellness Ambassador – is organising a worldwide video conference on Beauty. The aim is to talk about beauty routines, creams, healthier lifestyle, sports, food … that any busy women can integrate in her everyday life. I will be hosting the conference along with Elisa Simonpietri – BIOTHERM spokeperson ; and a few internationally famous beauty bloggers will be asking questions.

I love the title of this Beauty Pep Talk : « Live To The Fullest ». Which is exactly we are all aiming anyway ! Don’t we all want to look good, be great at our jobs, look well after our families, be a great friend, a sporty girl and a healthy woman ? A lot on our plates yes I know ! And this is exactly what we want to talk about !! We want to help you finding the easy tips that you will be able to manage on a everyday basis. Whether it concerns beauty, health, wellness, sleep … You will always find something interesting there !!

If you want to see the conference live, just click here, follow the instructions and be in front of your computer Tuesday 18/03 at 12.00 GMT. Otherwise there will be a catch up option. The video will be edited and put online very soon after the conference.

It’s all free of charge of course. And anyone will be able to participate via comments.

Hope to have you very many with us next week ! See you Tuesday then.

PS : I completely freaked out when I saw this amazing poster of the event. I was surely NOT expecting that. So I put it large and wide !! As it’s not something that happens too me very often !!


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